Friday, September 26, 2014


Had some routine maintenance back in mid August. It was a basic oil change and tire rotation. Shortly after that heard a faint rattling near the left side of the car, seemed to be towards the front but hard to tell for sure.

Brought the car back in about two weeks later but unfortunately they were not able to hear the noise and couldn't diagnose it. Basically said everything seems fine and sent me on my way.

Since my wife usually drives the Pilot, I hadn't noticed if it went away or got worse until i jumped in last night to go out and was very concerned that the noise had only gotten worse.  Now there was a definite vibration that accompanied the rattling / rumbling noise.

So here i am again today, sitting in the waiting room hoping they can figure out what it is and hoping that it is either covered under warranty or a fairly inexpensive repair.

Update @ 2:25pm cdt

Covered by extended warranty!!!!!! Need to acquire the parts so it will be scheduled for early next week.