Monday, December 23, 2013

Steering Wheel Noise ... AGAIN

Took the car in for an appointment today because we were hearing the same noise which we recently had fixed under warranty.

Unfortunately during a test drive with the technician we were not able to replicate the noise but we actually did hear something else.  Turns out the new noise we discovered during this short test drive was the brake pads being loose which caused them to shift on the time you press the brake pedal going in reverse and then again the first time you go forward.

That was all said and done within a day and we picked up the car later that evening. If i remember correctly it ran us close to $80.

So there I was just picking up the Pilot and I was test driving around the parking lot to ensure that new noise was no longer there and it wasn't. So that was fixed :)

Unfortunately at that time I heard the original noise again which we brought it in for. I turned around and went right back in and the service advisor suggested I set an appointment with Jerry since he is who we worked with on the previous warranty repair.

Update as of 1/4/14
Brought the car back in this morning for the steering wheel noise and Jerry helped us out again.  They now believe the noise is a set of brackets that they need to order.  They will give us a call when they arrive and the install should be fairly quick and there will be no cost to us.

You can follow the remaining progress on this post:

Monday, October 7, 2013


It has been over a week now and each time I call Jerry I get the same response. He states that he is still "waiting for word from his manager". I received a voice mail on Oct 1st from Jerry where he stated that he already checked and the service was covered two times and then a third time stating he was 99% sure it was covered.

I just spoke to him again today (Oct 7th) and he stated that they still don't know if it is covered. WHAT?!??!?!? This is a surprise to me. I guess my only option at this point is to wait until his manager gets back to him and Jerry calls me with either the good or bad news.

Update as of 10/8/2013 @ 2:40pm cdt:
I just received a great call from Jerry. The service is covered. He will give me a call tomorrow if he gets the parts so that I can bring it on in.

Latest Update: The service was completed and we were only charged the $100 deductible on the warranty.  Things seemed good for a while but then started to hear similar noise again. See more recent posts for more info.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Steering Wheel Noise

Recently had our Pilot at the dealership for some new Tires (got a great deal thanks to Jerry at McGrath Honda in Elgin) and asked them to take a look at the clunking noise that can be heard while turning the streering wheel while stopped or at slow speeds.  Jerry informed me it seems to be related to the bushings and will inquire with the extended warranty to see if this will be covered. Seems to be a common issue based on the following post.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hit the Trifecta

Well, today we had a set back with the Pilot.  My mother in law drove our Pilot back to our house and when she arrived she informed us that he check engine light was on.  I decided to go out there and start it up because I had to fill the rear driver side tire with air because it was about 4psi lower than normal for some reason.

When I turned on the car I immediately noticed how rough it was idling. The engine seemed to be jumping up and down slightly but enough to make it noticeable.  The engine light was on steady for about 20 to 30 seconds when it started blinking.  Shortly after it started blinking, the VTM-4 light came on as well as the VSA light.  So I called the dealership and they told me if  I was in the area I could drive it over but not to drive too far if the lights were blinking.

I made it to the dealership without any additional problems but the Pilot definitely had some performance and engine idling issues.  Seemed to be misfiring quite a bit.  The notification center had the following messages displaying in text:

"Check Emissions System"
"Check VSA System"

Now we play the waiting game to hear back from the service advisor from the dealership.

UPDATE 10/7/13: I just realized that I never updated this post with what the outcome was.  Apparently it was caused by misfire in one of the spark plugs. So a new spark plug and full tune up later, they got me for $378.26.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Navigation Security Code

It has been a while since I last posted anything on here and that is because things have been going pretty smoothly.  Normal wear and tear type repairs and nothing out of the ordinary. That is until just a few weeks ago.  Not sure if it was due to the cold weather we were having or what, but one morning all of a sudden the navigation didn't direct to the warning confirmation screen and instead was asking for a security code.

Now I remember being told about this when I first bought the car but never really expected to have to use it so never looked into what our code was.  Well after a few searches on Google and reading a few quick blog posts and snippets from the manual, I was able to identify my code (along with the Honda owners website).  Pretty easy right? Problem solve....... or so I thought.

Here we are once again this morning and the same thing happened.  Obviously this time the security code was fresh in my mind so I was able to give it to my wife when she called but that isn't really the point.  What is causing this to happen.  This is the second time in just under a month or so.  I guess it will be just another thing to ask the dealer about on our next visit and something we will keep an eye on.

Stay tuned for updates on this latest Problem With My New Honda.