Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back from Vacation - Dealership Time

3:15pm cst - I called the service department at my dealership to set an appointment to havethem check the moonroof and the brake issue. They agreed to 4pm and told me they would have a loaner car when my wife stopped in.

4:00pm cst - My wife brought the car in and found out that they do not have a loaner car for her so she was forced to wait around to see if they can find out the problems with the car.

They finally come and tell my wife that all they had to do the for the moonroof was reset the motor and that worked.

As for the brakes, she was told they had to order a new master cylinder and it would be Monday or Tuesday at the latest before it arrived. She was also told that we would receive a call when it does arrive so we can schedule the service appointment.

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