Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two New Issues

Well, it has been a while since we had a problem, so it is about time something else came up. Here are the two issues we are having which we are hoping to have looked at when we take the car into the dealership for an oil change tomorrow.

1. Front and Rear Sensor Button - When we first got the car a small green light stayed lit on the button/switch for the front and rear bumper sensors so that we knew when they were on just by looking at it. That light no longer works so each time we need to check if it is on or off, we have to hit the button to find out. We are able to find out because the beeping sound for on and off are different.

2. Heating Controls - All of a sudden when we switch the heat to Feet Only, the front defrosters still seemed to be turned on. We noticed this because when we have the heat on the highest fan setting the defrosters are too loud, so we normally set it to feet only. We did that yesterday and realized we could still hear and feel the heat blowing on the windshield and bouncing into our faces. Not what we expected when we turned it to Feet Only.

Wish us luck tomorrow!!!

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