Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Here we go again

This morning the Check Engine Light, Check Emissions System, and VTM-4 light came on again. Same as June 2013 post not including the VSA light. ( http://www.problemswithmynewhonda.com/2013/06/hit-trifecta.html )

Another odd thing that happens from time to time, the navigation system had a Disc Read Error this morning as well.

At the dealer now just waiting.

Update: I was given a loaner and told this misfire will be covered under the warranty extension that Honda implemented.  CJ (the service advisor) told me that they need to order the parts and basically since my car threw the P0302 code again and it already has the latest software update, then they need to replace the rings and clean the pistons (at least I think that is what i remember).  They got me in a loaner and told me they would be giving me a call tomorrow.

Update 2: I was able to get the car back and all seemed to be working as expected. They were able to fix the issue which was causing the P0302 code for no charge under the extended warranty, but stated they couldn't find any issue with the navigation system. So that part of my issue remains unsolved. Check out THIS POST for the latest on this navigation issue.


  1. How is your car running , i got same issue and they changed a spark plug and told me if it happens again they have to rebuild the engine. Did your car ran good after the rebuild ? or is it a good time for trading this vehicle now ..?

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