Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 16

I just received a call from Matt at McGrath Honda. He apologized for not having the car to us yesterday, but it wasn't done and he gave me an update of the brake pedal clicking and the rear hatch.

Brake Pedal - He stated his Manager drives the same model and took our car for a test drive. He agreed that the noise was louder than his model still after they lubricated the nylon strip i mentioned in an earlier post. They decided to swap out the mechanism which disengages the gear shifter which is making the loud clicking noise from the managers demo car to our car. Not sure that is the correct approach, but as long as it works properly and doesn't make the noise, I guess that works for me.

Rear hatch - They received the part and once they finish the brake pedal work they will get that piece replaced and re-align the hatch properly.

I asked him about the scratches and other paint/body damages which was caused due to this issue. He stated that he would have the technician take a look at it because he didn't notice it when we first brought the car in.

He hopes to have our Pilot back to us by tonight but will call me with an update either way by the end of the day.

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