Friday, April 2, 2010

Where is my master cylinder???

Still no call from Honda that the part was in stock and no call back from our voicemail message.

Starting to have the same issue again with the moonroof as well. Obviously their original fix didn't work.

3pm cst - Since we are having problems again with moonroof, I call McGrath Honda and ask tell them i am bringing the car in first thing Saturday morning to get both issues fixed. I spoke to a service rep name.... well, let's just call him Mr. T, and he said "Ok, i see the master cylinder was ordered, now we just need to set an appointment, when did you want to bring it in?". Strange thing is that he didn't say if it had actually arrived yet or not.

He set us up for Saturday morning at 9am and he assured us they would have a loaner this time.

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